Man Blasts Ladies Like SHEILA MWANYIGHA, Gives The Real Reasons Why They End Up Being Single For Life

A man who used to dream of marrying Sheila Mwanyigha when he was just  young narrates how the likes Sheila end up single for life. This is his opinion;
"There are only three queries that won’t generate search results on Google…The exact day of Jesus’ second coming, answers to your prayers and lastly, Sheila Mwanyigha’s age. 
Now, lemmi tell y’all something about Sheila…When I was a boy our Sunday School teacher told us that Moses parted the Red Sea, and I swore to myself that my only mission in life would be to part Sheila Mwanyigha’s legs, and if that happened I’d have done my duty on Earth.. Yep, she was hot like that! 
Getting a husband wouldn’t have been a hustle for her, but she never made it past engaged. We’ll see why shortly… Sheila is not the only bad bitch approaching menopause without a husband.. If you look around you’ll notice that most of the single ladies over 30 were the baddest bitches in their 20s. 
They form the bulk of bitter single mums who thought their looks would count for something but still reeling with shock coz the only thing their phat asses got them were huge dicks, not wedding bands n’shit. Most of the bad bitches can’t come up with three reasons a nigga should be with them outside of their looks and p()ssy. 
But their looks and p()ssy get old quicker coz that’s all they got to of er! These pretty women think they don’t have to do shit but look pretty… That might be cool for like a weekend but what are we gonna eat, bitch? If you can’t do dishes coz you don’t want to touch dirt, then being a bridesmaid is the closest you’ll ever get to a marriage."
@Kraziest Kenyan