... join the Debating Club to master that while sandpapering “my name is nani” English.

Schooling plays an integral role in all the parental system of deliberate conditioning.
Nana Gecaga, daughter of Udi Gecaga and ‘Jeni’ Kenyatta, the first President’s daughter, is the CEO of PR firm Bora Ubora. Nana attended Cushing Academy, USA.

Among the notable alumni of Cushing is Jigme Khesar, current King of Bhutan.

Rubbing shoulders with such means meeting your kind even back home. Nana was once rumoured to be dating Fidel Odinga before being linked to a married politician’s son who is also said to be her baby daddy.

Fidel, on the other hand, attended Hillcrest High School (New York) and University of Birmingham, UK.

Nana’s brother Jomo Gecaga, Personal Assistant to President Uhuru and previously a First Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs went to the prestigious Eton College in Windsor Berkshire.

Founded by King Henry VI in 1440, proud Etonians include the British Royal Family, Prince William and Prince Harry. The nineth British Prime Minister, James Cameron as well.

A senior official at the Office of the President once whispered to The Nairobian that President Uhuru wants to see Jomo settling down. When he was at Foreign Affairs Jomo literary lived on the plane, globe-trotting with his suitcase! It was rumoured that ‘wazees’ were looking for a suitable bride for him.

That aside, the other Kenyan to have attended Eton besides Jomo Gecaga is Tom Cholmondeley, great grandson of influential colonial settler Lord Delamere.

Jomo’s sister, Soiya Gecaga, went to the prestigious and “highly selective” Phillips Academy in Massachusetts, USA.

Just so you know, that is the school George W. Bush, former American President (and his father, Senior Bush), Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Hafsat Abiola attended.

Solicitor Soiya, who from Philips Academy proceeded to University of St Andrews in Scotland (where Britain’s Prince William met wife Kate Middleton) is the founder and executive director of “We the Change” Foundation.

This kind of learning, expensive as it is-old money is there to burn any way-don’t school to later complain about rising unemployment and how Kazi kwa Vijana and Uwezo Funds are being misused.

Former Vice President George Saitoti’s son, Zachary Musengi studied art foundation, photography and graphic design at University of West England.

Zachary, who is often spotted in showbiz circles but hates publicity to bits, currently owns Shifteye Gallery and Cranium Ink companies.

And they have the time to follow their hearts and fashion careers out of what the Ndururuno product would consider a hobby.The daughter of Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o, Lupita, went to Rusinga School before graduating from Hampshire College with a degree in film and theatre studies.

She subsequently enrolled in the acting programme at the Yale School of Drama. She is now famous for her latest film 12 Years A Slave.

Lupita was once rumoured to be dating film maker Alexandros Konstantaras, who is now married to actress Lizz Njagah. The two denied these claims after being confronted by Lupita’s family.

President Uhuru’s children

Jomo and Ngina are some of the students who....


Growing up under someones shadow or empire, may it be that of power or wealth sounds intresting to every ear. It as looks amaizing from a far however it has its huge baggage. The supremes ie the parents or guardians always have sincere motives for their prince and princesses. Do you know what that is? If yes,well you ain't the one writting this comment so listen up.these kids have been given the best this world has to offer in an "attempt" to uphold and propell the family title,position or even name to a greatter height. However this ain't the case as always some of these siblings have failed miserably and some of them to points of no return. If you dig deep into their lives,emottions and relationships you would expect to find the art of perfection,buy surprisingly or we see and hear is depression,tension,disapointment and frustrations. These kids were given everthing else in this world and dinied the most important of them all,freedom.
They were enslaved in their parents cocoon of power and welth. They now have to walk around with bodyguards,mortocades and paparazzi everywhere. Now this looks good but remember its enslaving. By Robinson.