DENNIS ITUMBI and PSCU team have been chased out of statehouse like stray DOGs by UHURU!!! ITUMBI cried like ababy after being denied access to statehouse, Is this the end of him?

.. said to be mad with the team for misleading Kenyans and also issuing half baked statements like the one released last week when The New York Times linked Uhuru to Mungiki. There was also infighting between the Presidential communication team who have been attacking each other leaving the President naked. There are also rumours that the PSCU employed 36 bloggers who have in fact failed terribly in delivering and are only exposing Uhuru to ridicule on social media. However, the Presidency retained Manoah Esipisu as the State House Spokesperson and Head of Communication. The source said Uhuru wants to employ a foreign Public Relations firm to handle his communications but another source says PSCU will be restructured in the shortest time possible with emphasis on more organized communication.