EXPOSED: This is RAILA ODINGA’s close friend who b@nged ex-NTV host SHEILA MWANYIGAH and dumped her like garbage after S£X Marathon...WHY? SEE DETAILS HERE

Popular TV host, Sheila Mwanyigah, has dated a number of rich men with controversial lifestyles although she has never found a special man to settle down for marriage with despite clocking her late thirties. The curvaceous TV host was once involved in a much publicized affair with controversial rapper, CMB Prezzo, but things went south after Prezzo caught her live in the act with another man. A little bird whispered to us that after Sheila Mwanyigah broke up with Prezzo, she started warming up the bed of controversial city businessman, Donbosco Gichana, who is languishing in jail in Arusha after he was arrested for money laundering. Gichana was a close friend of the late Fidel Odinga and they used to spoil women with money before dumping them like garbage after s3x. He is also a close friend of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (actually, he is the one who bought Raila that Hummer he was flossing all over town with while campaigning during the 2007 Elections). Gichana fooled Sheila Mwanyigah with...
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