MONEY AND DRUGS: TOP 10 PROMINENT PEOPLE and CHILDREN Of POLITICIANS And Kenyan Celebrities Imprisoned By HARD DRUGS....You Will be DEAD SHOCKED by No.4&10. PRAY for them they need HELP.

Drug abuse is a reality that continues to eat the fabric of our society. From dysfunctional families, to unnecessary deaths, to short lived promising careers. What many people are not aware is that children of Kenya ‘elite’ are devastated by the dragon of drug abuse too. We take a look at some of Kenya celebrities and children of politicians who are battling with substance abuse.

1.Muhoho Kenyatta-Uhuru Kenyatta Son

The first family has not been spared the ravages of drug abuse if an article that appeared on Kawahatungu is anything to go by. According to the post appearing on the blog, Uhuru’s young son Muhoho Kenyatta was said to be in a drug rehabilitation centre in South Africa. Muhoho dalliance with drugs is the reason why President Uhuru Kenyatta took the fight on the illicit trade heads on. Activist Boniface Mwangi claimed that the President is also battling with alcoholism that is impairing his decision making on important policies affecting the county....
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