OMG!! ALLAN KIUNA and KATHY Kiuna’s JCC church SCAM EXPOSED BADLY: Read this SHOCKING confession from a church member...THE DEVIL IN CHURCH!

A pal once asked me to accompany her to a JCC service. She was on that “I’ve turned over a new leaf” tip & wanted me to see how it happened.

Initially I was like “Not bad. Nice ambiance. Good crowd. Praise & worship seem to be on point.” Then the REAL service began. Think the Superbowl has too many ads? Try a JCC service. 1hr of ads. Back to back. ALL of them about the Kiunas & how they’re “saving lives” Then some junior pastor comes on to preach. I thought the BS was over.No.The Kiunas rolled in.

Mr. Kiuna has TWO bodyguards shadowing him,stiff-arming anyone Kiuna gets close to. TF do you need security for? Protecting the Word of God? Mrs. Kiuna has what looks like 2 PAs. One to carry her handbag,another to hand her things or take things from her. So anyway,they come in & space “is made”behind them for their entourage. Guys are forcibly removed from.....

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Looks like standard is bending too low with this kind of Bologna stories!!! Standards news this is cheap !!!start hiring great minds for bigger stories other than this shady gossip !!!

Sure !! This is shady gossip and cheap indeed !!