OMG!! SEE What PR0STITUTES Go Through In Nairobi at night

 instructed the driver to drive on when he heard us saying we wanted to get off. Abduction Nairobi style.

The driver was adamant and didn’t stop until we got to Globe roundabout . That was after a heated exchange of words where if I can remember, someone-a woman I think- in the matatu said “Si uwashukishe dereva hawa ni wale Malaya wameitiwa kazi . Wacha wakaibe mabwana za wenyewe ”

OK Jesus! Nairobians are so frustrated they just jump into anything they can to help them forget about their troubles.

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Twenty minutes later, we were at Winkers sipping Cold Tuskers and drowning Tequilas, the matatu incident completely forgotten. Fred was with two other guys and a chic by his side That emoticon means I had the hots for Fred , you slow one! So, I sat there brooding jealously as Fred and the chic cuddled and made out. All these thanks to being broke.

The two guys sat strategically so that one vibed Liz and the other bored me to death. I was really trying to listen to him but Fred and his chic were distracting me! At one point, Fred who was short of change asked me for a hundred bob and promised to give it back before the end of the night. That is where all my problems began.

At around 11 p. m. miss thaing’ had given Fred a hard on and the drink-till-morning- drunkard wanted to go ‘home’ (read wanted to go fuck that ugly weave off the lass) . When you have 100 hundred bob only in your pockets, believe...
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