REVEALED: Here is the TRUTH why Kiambu Governor, WILLIAM KABOGO, hates RUTO like a Devil...DETAILS WILL SHOCK YOU!

... Kabete MP, Ferdinand Waititu, who wants to be the next Kiambu Governor. Kabogo contributed millions to funding TNA and Jubilee’s 2013 campaigns and mistakenly took it for granted that he was one of Jubilee’s untouchables and the Kiambu Governorship was his by right. But Uhuru and Ruto have shown him the middle finger and they are now saying ‘let the people of Kiambu decide’ in 2017. Following Uhuru/ Ruto’s brilliant approach, Kabogo has now panicked and is maliciously trying to sabotage Uhuru/ Ruto’s union if they don't come to his aid. “Kabogo is now dead meat and he should prepare to go home in 2017,” Ichungwa said.