SHOCKING REVELATIONS: eX-KTN's TV presenter LOUIS OTIENO told the Court that Careen Chepchumba's DAD SEXUALLY abused her in front of her MOTHER and also he wanted to KILL her....SEE REALLY SHOCKING CONFESSIONS.

Former TV presenter Louis Otieno told a Kibera court yesterday that his slain friend Careen Chepchumba had trouble with her father.
Narrating Chepchumba’s tribulations, Otieno said she confessed to him many times how her father Hosea Kili abused her.
He said she reported to him that her father used to molest and beat her up. He also claimed that she told him that Kili was not her biological father.
The TV personality dismissed claims made by Kili that Chepchumba stole money from him to finance his expensive lifestyle.
Instead, Otieno said Chepchumba was the one who ran errands for him and that he purchased most of the items he owned before he met her.
Otieno lost his hearing, but he can speak. An assistant sat next to him as he gave his side of the story.
Chepchumba, 26, was found dead in her Santonia Court apartment in Kilimani in February 2012. Postmortem results showed she was strangled.
Otieno said he met Chepchumba in 2011 when he moved into the apartment.

He said she was the one who first approached him because she needed a place to sit as she waited for her family to open their door. They later became close friends and she opened up to him.
Otieno told senior resident magistrate Charles Ondieki that at one time, Chepchumba ran to his house and locked herself in saying her father wanted to kill her....
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