BADLY EXPOSED...Here are the Members of ABABU NAMWAMBA'S KILLER squad, MOSSAD, who have been TERRORIZING Residents Of Budalangi (PHOTOs)

Besieged Budalangi Member of Parliament, Ababu Namwamba, has formed a militia that is terrorizing innocent civilians not only in Budalangi but Busia as a whole.

According to frightened residents of Budalangi, Ababu’s killer squad known by the name Mossad, has been terrorizing them and scaring everyone who does not support Ababu Namwamba, who has since quit former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s ODM and CORD, and is causing unnecessary tension and fear in the villages.

The squad has been involved in gang ­related activities in Budalangi and Busia, among them robbery, theft, mugging and the villagers cannot take it anymore.

It is the same gang that the Budalangi MP used to disrupt Raila Odinga’s rally at Port Victoria and Bunyala South, but fortunately or unfortunately, they were overpowered by Raila’s goons who beat them like dogs.

Many of the gang members are now admitted in various hospitals nursing serious injuries following a dog’s beating by ODM supporters on Wednesday.

Surprisingly, the ..
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