DP RUTO Left in SHOCK as his son NICK REFUSES to follow him after INTERVENTION from his family...SEE DETAILS

....Turbo seat to assert his family’s political dominance in Rift Valley, allegedly withdrew from the race after the family intervened and advised him otherwise.

The family advised Nick not to contest for Turbo seat in 2017 because that would compromise Ruto’s chances of becoming President in 2022. 

They said people would see the DP in bad light and say he is running Kenya like a family business. 

Sources close to Ruto’s family said his they discussed the matter at length and Nick was asked to shelve his ambition because it may complicate his father’s plan to vie for the Presidency in 2022, and he obliged. 

Nick is a lawyer based in Nairobi and has been accompanying his father in political rallies.
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