EXPOSED: These are 7 Secrets ILLUMINATI Members(DEVIL WORSHIPPERS) Wouldn’t Want You To Know...NO. 6 will SCARE you to DEATH.

6. Illuminati basically encourages resistance to authority among political dissidents and young people. This is done to distract the government attention from the real enemy within. And as a common occurrence, they will use the authority to hide their identities and existence as this is the only trusted source by the general public. Therefore the members will not let you know this truth, after all, they have encouraged mindless obedience to whatever orders generated from their Illuminati-based servants.

7. Finally and to many unbelievable, the illuminati society has now captured technology with both hands. People with smart brains and enough competence to change the course of technology are contacted beforehand prior to launching their innovations. This is done to encrypt illuminati interests, goals and motives in the ’to-be-embraced technological innovation’’. Further, their files of information are much more meaningful when backed behind the power of a computer. Perhaps this is one of the reasons they will condition people to believe that computers are so complex that handling it is only limited to experts.
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Other than these 7 secrets of Illuminati Members, there is basically an inexhaustible list of truths and secrets about this sect.

Who and Who are the Illuminati Members?
The Illuminati according to Youtube intellectuals is made up of the world’s top political and financial elite, top musicians and celebrities from the entertainment industry are also members. Theoretically, membership rolls are kept secret some members of the public agree that the following people are members:
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