FISI ni Yule Yule tu! Checkout the HOT LADIES fake pastor KANYARI has been b@'nging after BETTY BAYO Dumped him (SEE PHOTOS)

Despite being exposed as a rogue preacher who stage manages miracles to milk his followers dry, Pastor Kanyari is still running his fake Church Ministry in Nyamakima, Nairobi.

When Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu aired an expose on Kanyari, he was busted soliticing for s3'x from some of the ushers and choir ladies in his church.

Snoops whispered to us that Kanyari hasn’t changed and he is still s@'tisfying his s3'xual thirst by b@ng!ng ushers and choir ladies especially after Betty Bayo divorced him. It’s hard for them to resist his s3'xual advances since they worship.

See some of the ushers s@tisfying him in the NEXT PAGE. 
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