Is DP RUTO a Member of a SECRET SOCIETY/ CULT??? A Close Friend Reveals SHOCKING Things He Does

... dictator and treating Kalenjins like his slaves and personal property, saying Kalenjins have been forced to agree with anything Ruto says whether it is wrong or right.

However, he said that he will not join Ruto’s cult in the name of Jubilee because he is a not a ‘devil’ (Ruto) worshiper.

"Slowly by slowly, the DP has turned into a demi­god and Kalenjins are worshiping him.” “Today if the DP comes here and tells Kalenjins to slither like snakes, they will do so without even questioning.” 

“Jubilee has become a cult and Ruto is forcing Kalenjins to follow him into the cult and those who oppose the idea are demonized and branded as rebels," said Cheruiyot.

"The Jubilee party we are being forced to join is a big cult and my fellow Kalenjins will one day come to prove me right," he said.
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