ONLINE S'EX HAWKERS: Is this your daughter? She’s selling her body online instead of studying....Whats wrong with young girls of nowadays? THIS WORLD IS ENDING!!! (PHOTO).

This 21 year old lady should be busy studying in college but she is hawking her flesh online and promising good s3x to anyone who spoils her with cash. This is how she is advertising her services online.

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Dear Standard News,
My name is Francisca Shali, not Vida Scola.😊 I live in Sweden, I'm not 21 years old and neither am I sex worker.
This is disgusting and disrespectful. I don't have much to say. Clearly, you're just idle people, searching for fame in the wrong way. Using innocent pictures to scam people is totally wrong! Anywho, I won't deactivate any of my accounts,😊 instead, I'll sit back and watch My God work on you!
Yours Sincerely,