TRENDING VIDEO: Here is a VIDEO of how RECCE commandos killed the ‘AL SHABAAB militant’ in Kapenguria in 10 minutes...Don't JOKE with Kenyan SWAT Team (MAMBO BAD)!

Recce commandos stormed Kapenguria Police Station on Thursday morning and killed a gunman who had taken the station hostage by killing six policemen and one Recce commando. The gunman identified as Constable AbdiHakim Maslah was a fellow police officer trying to help another man called Omar Eumod ­ a terror suspect – escape after he was arrested on Tuesday following intelligence from the public that he is a member of the Al Shabaab. There were early misleading reports from the Inspector General of Police’s office that Eumod was the attacker but they turned out to be false. It was a police officer (AdbiHakim) who turned violent, grabbed a duty officer's weapon and shot the six police officers before fatally shooting a Recce commando who was in a squad that was trying to put him down. Eumod was a suspect arrested over links to Al Shabaab. After killing the six officers, AbdiHakim held the... Continue reading plus VIDEO NEXT PAGE 2
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