Wololo....S3'X Will KILL This Guy...Popular Kenyan Actor Goes Into HIDING After Being BUSTED For MESSING Up With Married Women

Popular actor, Ninja, the guy who acts as a watchman -in-Law – a programme aired on Citizen TV – has gone into hiding.

Apparently, the s3x hungry actor was forced to run for his dear life after he was busted having a good time with married ladies at Nairobi’s Club Gravity.

Snoops whispered to us that Ninja has been messing up with the ladies for quite sometime but his proverbial forty days reached after he was caught red handed by one of the lady’s husband.

He has been forced to go into hiding after receiving death threats from the lady’s husband, who has vowed to teach him a lesson that he will never forget.

The s3x hungry actors love for “nunus” may lead him to his early grave.

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