Leaked Secrets Written By Mutahi Ngunyi On How Jubilee Plans To Dump William Ruto after Winning 2017 Elections (SEE DETAILS)

...the airspace of Pakistan through the sea and disposing of the body in the deep sea to ensure that it leaves minimum disruptions in its wake.
Our approach must equally take the same angle through;

I. Land cases: fast track land cases facing number 2 using The Judiciary. This plot will create the fastest trap for finding number 2 culpable then he will be forced to step down and in accordance with chapter six of the constitution. It is then important to identify a friendlier and weaker candidate without a strong ethnic base and the person who fits this bill is Balala. In propping him up he will also bring on board a sizable Muslim block that will effectively counter the number 2′s block.

II. Exploit his weakness: as pointed out earlier number 2, in getting to current position, created a number of powerful enemies and the most opportune time to exploit this weakness is when things settle and its time to form the government. The plan is to use his enemies to shoot down all his nominees in return for a few government appointments.
Via: Citizenweekly
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