MIKE SONKO’s alleged “MPANGO WA KANDO” kicked out of her 1 bedroom apartment after being dumped like a Garbage (PHOTOs)

.. alot of noise. One of Shayma’s neighbours sent us a photo of her with a group of friends looking worried after she was evicted from the house on Sunday last week after a night of crazy partying on Saturday night. In the photo, she is seen trying to make a call, perhaps to the “mheshimiwa” that goes unanswered.

Shayma came the following day with a boda­boda to collect a pot of shisha (she can’t survive without smoking shisha) and a gas cylinder. See the photo below.

She is currently staying with a group of friends after being kicked out of her rented apartment.

Shayma targets filthily rich men and compelling government officials. She is known for blowing cash in top of the line clubs and tipping off servers with great money.
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