MWENDE’s relatives expose her badly, you won’t believe what really happened.

... is now in police custody being accused of cutting off her arms. Another relative, Justus Muthama, also said that Mwende’s husband is being accused falsely.

“Before the attack (on July 23), Mwende did not open her shop in Ilinge market for three consecutive days. We were told that for those three days she had gone into hiding in Wetaa market. There was another time a gang woke her up and hurled stones at her house after she refused to open the door,” he said. He claims that Mwende may have been attacked by her business rivals.
“She had other male friends who came visiting and whom we believe helped her stock her shop. We suspect one might have felt shortchanged and planned revenge.” 
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He added. Mwende’s neighbours have also hinted that she may be accusing her husband falsely. While Mwende is being treated at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital, her husband is in police custody ahead of the start of the hearing of his case on September 20. He denied the attempted murder charge and will remain in custody until the case is heard and determined....continue reading next page 3>>>
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