NTV LADIES CURSED: Another S£XY NTV presenter in trouble after a man leaks her NUD£ PHOTOS....WARNING! EXPLICIT ADULT PHOTOS(+21YRS ONLY)


Be My Date on NTV Uganda, has caused a buzz on the blogosphere after a certain guy leaked emails of her sending randy photos to another man in return for money.

Popular NTV presenter, Bettinah Tianah, who hosts a show dubbed

The emails leaked online by a man called Kabugo shows the s3xy TV presenter asking her recipient in Dubai for $500(Ksh 50,000) in exchange for 2 of her n@d3 photos.

“Hey, we don’t use PayPal in UG, you can send through account, Nassali Betty (full name). Account number 07125190009 (Bank of Africa). Sending the two pics in a few.” A leaked email read. 

The message was sent from her IPhone last month on July 4. The photos that Kabugo released show the lower parts of… CONTINUE READING+ SEE MORE PHOTOS NEXT PAGE 2>>
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