PHEONAH KENGA Is Living Lavishly Even After She Was Fired From Citizen TV... Here Is The ‘SONKO’ Who Is Financing Her Lavish Lifestyle (PHOTOS)

Pheonah Kenga was rendered jobless months ago after it emerged that she was involved in unethical deals with politicians receiving bribes to cover stories on TV.

After she went off air, many thought that the TV girl was finished. Contrary to that, Pheonah settled on a more paying job sharing photos of her n@de self all over social media.

The curvace0us lass went from being a regular reporter to now a very wealthy lass getting money from able sponsors. She even dumped her broke boyfriend to look for big money.

Well, Pheonah confessed that the money she received from bribes has made her one rich lady.

She lives in a lavish home in Athi River, drives a posh car worth millions, hangs out where you cannot dare and buys shoes worth more than your yearly salary.
See the PHOTOS she has been sharing on social media that have made her the topic of discussion;
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