SHOCK AND SHAME...Here Are Photos Of The Delapidated Houses Where KENYAN ATHLETES Have Been DUMPED in Rio As They Await A Cheaper Flight After Their Money Was SQUANDERED By Shameless Leaders...PHOTOS

Despite Kenyan athletes delivering an outstanding performance, Rio Olympics have been filled with plenty of drama from money squandering to athletes being mishandled.

Coaches were being left behind, athletes tickets were delayed while NOCK officials and MPs had fun partying lavishly in Hollywood at their expense.

Even before the athletes started competing the whole drama of money being squandered and athletes mishandled was playing out to the world in the media. 

Now with the Olympics done and the Olympic village closed, more shocking information has been released of the fate of Kenyan athletes left behind in Rio. The NOCK officials were apparently waiting for cheaper flights and resorted to dumping the Kenyan athletes in....
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