SHOCKING Drama at A Nairobi Hotel As Cheating Couple Got ‘STUCK’ While Having S3'X...SEE SHOCKING DETAILS

....Nairobi Central Police Chief Patrick Oduma appeared at the scene and announced no couple was found in a compromising situation.

“This is someone who is mad. As a result, he started to throw out towels, blankets and other furniture and I think this is what people saw and started the rumour mills. He has however been taken to Mathare hospital. So you can all leave now,” he told the huge crowd which blocked the entire street.

The owner of the hotel stated that a man who was booked into one of the rooms started throwing towels and blankets out of the window and may have elicited the ‘rumours.’

“The person who was here hails from our rural home. He came and rented a room and even left his phone and other details. So he went insane at night and as a result started throwing towels and blankets outside. The report was brought to us and that is when we took him to Mathare Hospital,” he stated.
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