SHOCKING Drama at A Nairobi Hotel As Cheating Couple Got ‘STUCK’ While Having S3'X...SEE SHOCKING DETAILS

....them when I also went to look, they locked the place up. These people are still inside there,” stated a waitress working in an adjacent hotel.

“Having a side kick sometimes is okay but other times it can land you into a lot of problems,” 
she said.
“This is someone’s wife. If you look at her, she has a ring on her finger and even the man if you look at him, he is not that old.”

A woman who alleged that she knew the wife of the man involved in the illicit affair also made an appearance and contended that she could ‘separate’ them.

“Why should they die instead of repenting of their sins? They are not the first people to commit imm0'rality. They will come apart and no other power can stop that from happening except God’s. I was going to the market and I decided to offer my services so that they can be taken apart,” she claimed.

The doors of the hotel were opened shortly after.....
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