5. Impatience 
Let’s use John and James’ story to understand this point. So John just started seeing Blessing who is not a v!rgi!n, after a few days of dating, they both do the n@sty. She has done the n@sty before and he also has experience. They both bring their external experiences together to make a mind blowing s3'xu@l adventure. 

James on the other hand is seeing the shy, and reserved Kemi who is a v!rgi!n. S*'x comes up and she shrugs him off. After sometimes, it comes up again, she agrees to try it but is scared. He has to “talk” her through it. Tell her it’s going to be okay. Makes sure she doesn’t hurt. Makes sure he takes it easy with her. Makes her feel comfortable. Tries it the first time, she cries and stops. Tries it a week after, same result. After a dozen trials, she finally gets comfortable but with her lack of experience, s3'x for James is b0ring and uneventful. 

John is enjoying his l0ve life and his s3'x life while James is struggling on both ends of the rope. They meet and while discussing, John asks James, “why all the stress?” 

6. Heartbreak 
This part of the article really happened to me. I hope she doesn’t get to read this but I just have to use the story to buttress this point. 

Growing up, I dated this beautiful girl. She was a v!rgi!n and I didn’t mind. I was more or less a v!rgi!n too then. 

After a while, I causally made the “s*'x move”, she gently rebuffed my advances. I locked up (became unbothered). She then gave me an ultimatum, let’s date for a year and then we do the n@'sty. I said OKAY. 

Getting to a year, we started having friction and I knew deep down I wasn’t going to spend much time with her anymore. She was still a v!rgi!n mind you. 

A few weeks after our first year anniversary, we saw and as expected she came prepared to be disv!rgi!ned but I ended up breaking up with her. Why? I could have taken her v!rgi!nity and still broken up with her right? 

We weren’t working and I didn’t want to dirv!rgi!n her and break up with her too. That would have been heartbreaking for her. So we parted ways. She cried but I felt in my heart that we did the right thing. 

Fast forward about four years after our breakup, she wasn’t a v!rgi!n any longer, one thing led to another we did the n@sty as “just friends”. Difference was I didn’t have to break her heart to get in her pants. We still friends till now. Good guys ask themselves, if it’s s*'x I want, why deceive a v!rgi!n with love and end up breaking her heart, “why the stress?”. 

7. Fling 
Lastly and the most glaring reason why most guys detest v!rgi!n$ is because they are interested in a quick fl!ng and not a long term committed relationship. A guy that loves you would see beyond s*'x but in the same vein, will most girls that love a guy see beyond money? It begs to ask the question, “WHY THE STRESS?”
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